How to access the Firmware Settings

To access the firmware settings, the Scoppy app must have established a connection to the Scoppy firmware on the Pico W (ie. the connection badge at the lower left of the app screen should show a status of OK). For help with this see Getting started with Scoppy and the Pico W.

Tap the connection badge at the the lower left of the screen and then tap Connected device and then Firmware settings.


Device Name

The unique identifer of the device. Used with the Scoppy device name connection method1. It is unlikely that you’ll want to change this.

Wi-Fi Country

For optimum compatibility with your other Wi-Fi equipment select your country.

Wi-Fi Mode

Access Point

The Pico W will function as an access point. To connect with the Scoppy app you’ll need to select the SCOPPY network in Android Settings (Connections -> Wi-Fi)


The SSID of the Pico W when operating in access point mode.

AP Password

The password of the Pico W access point.

AP Authorization Type

The authorization method used when the Pico W is in access point mode.


The Pico W will function as a Wi-Fi station (aka client). In other words, it will connect to your network just like any other device. This is probably the mode you want.


The SSID of your network’s Wi-Fi access point.


The password used by your network’s access point. This might also be referred to as a key.

Authorization Type

The method of security used by your access point. You should be able to find this in your access point’s settings. If in doubt use WPA2/WPA Mixed which should work on most networks.

Scoppy Access Code

Use this used to restrict who can access the Pico W when in station/client mode. See Wi-Fi Connection Settings for more information about connecting using an access code.

You will most probably want to leave this field blank.

1Wi-Fi Connection Methods

See Wi-Fi Connection Settings

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