Installation & Getting Started

  • Instructions for installing the Android app and Pico firmware, connecting the Pico to your Android device and connecting the Scoppy oscilloscope to your signal source


Using the app

  • How to use the Scoppy Android app

Pico GPIOs

  • Listing of the GPIOs used by the scoppy-pico firmware and a description of their functions

Analog Front-End

  • Design and build an Analog front-end to your Scoppy Oscilloscope so that you can measure different voltage ranges (ie. different to the 0-3.3V range of the RPI Pico ADC inputs).
  • FScope-250k5 analog front end assembly and usage instructions

Scoppy on GitHub

  • The Scoppy GitHub repository.

Scoppy Experiments, Examples and Tutorials

  • Experiments, tutorials and examples using Scoppy

Release Notes

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