Added in Version 1.013 of the app.

Cursors are horizontal and vertical markers that indicate X-axis values and Y-axis values on a selected waveform source. You can use cursors to make custom voltage, time or frequency measurements on oscilloscope signals (and time or frequency measurements on Logical Analyzer signals).

Y-cursors are not available in Logic Analyzer mode.

To enable cursors, tap the CURSORS button on the menu. The cursor information will be displayed on the top-left of the display. An extra cursor control badge will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can use this to hide the cursor(s) without losing the current position. This control is also used to change the channel associated with the Y cursor.

Cursors are not limited to the visible display. If you change the horizontal and/or vertical position and/or scale the cursors will move with the waveform - possibly off the screen. TIP: To get the cursors back on the visible part of the screen just disable and then enable cursors using the CURSORS button (ie tap the button twice).

To move a cursor, tap the cursor until it changes color from red to orange. Keeping your finger on the screen, move the cursor to the desired position.

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