How to select a device to connect to when there is more than one Pico W on the network

Use the Scoppy device name connection method. See Wi-Fi Connection Settings.

How prevent other people on the network from connecting to a Pico W device

Use the Access Code connection method. See Wi-Fi Connection Settings.

How to connect to a Pico W via USB

Ensure the connection type is set to USB (tap the connections badge at the lower left of the screen if it is not). You will have 10 seconds to acknowledge the Android USB permissions prompt before the Pico W switches to Wi-Fi mode. Restart the Pico W to try again.

Why does the Pico W take more than 10 seconds to connect to my network?

If the Pico W is connected to an Android device or computer via USB it will try to connect via USB for 10 seconds before switching to Wi-Fi. To prevent this, power the Pico W with a power plug or battery.

You’ve probably installed the Pico (non-wireless) firmware, not the Pico W (wireless) firmware. See the Installation and Getting Started Guide.

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