Unpopulated holes/pads

If you have Rev. 2 of the FSCOPE board please see FSCOPE-250K-Rev2

There will be some unpopulated holes/pads on your board. Depending on your board revision these may include:

H9, H10
These are tiny prototyping areas. One hole is connected to GND. The others are not connected to anything.

R32, R33
Extra current limiting resistors for the Wi-Fi and Trigger LEDS. Add resistors here (and possibly remove R30/R31) to adjust LED brightness.

Debug headers

Not used

+3.3V, VSYS
Test points

Test point for the -2.5V rail. Do not draw current from this rail as it will adversely affect the performance of the oscilloscope.

Shorting these will restart the Pico (W). A momentary switch could be soldered to these holes/pads to make it easier to restart the oscilloscope.

H7, H15, R35, R36
For connecting external Wi-Fi and Trigger LEDS if the board is to be enclosed in a case.

H16, R32
For connecting an external status LED if the board is to be enclosed in a case (no firmware support for this as yet).

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